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VAQ-136 Gauntlets


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~ Official Squadron Emblem ~



Wednesday, January 09, 2013 via VAQ-136 Gauntlets Official Facebook page:


VAQ-136 changes squadron insignia to commemorate their rebirth at NAS Whidbey Island as an EA-18G squadron.

The Gauntlet is our namesake symbolizing our strength as the world’s most prolific source of Airborne Electronic Attack.


The sword is symbolic of the enhanced ‘Strike’ mission that is inherent to our platform and a critical asset to the lethality of the CVW team. The sword represents kinetic power while the lightning around the blade represents our core mission of non-kinetic power.


The Japanese ‘kanji’ symbol, meaning ‘Spirit of Attack’, is symbolic in two ways. First, for decades every VAQ-136 EA-6B brandished the ‘Spirit of Attack’ symbol. Second, the ‘Spirit of Attack’ symbol represents the command’s heritage as the U.S. Navy’s first and only permanently Forward Deployed EA-6B squadron for 32 years.




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VAQ-136 Gauntlets


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~ Original Squadron Emblem ~


The original VAQ-136 insignia was composed of a Gauntlet grasping a burst of electromagnetic energy superimposed over a split field of maroon and insignia blue.


The Gauntlet is representative of the acceptance by VAQ-136 of the many and varied challenges inherent in its mission.


The burst of energy emanating from the Gauntlet depicts the jamming power of the EA-6B Prowler with its effects on an enemy radarscope symbolized by the blue background.


When VAQ-136 was established at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington on April 06, 1973, the squadron needed an emblem to symbolize their mission and to distinguish themselves from other squadrons. During the commissioning phase, the commanding officer held a contest to name the squadron and design an emblem. A plane captain in the squadron, AN Joseph "Brandy" Odya submitted a design, which was approved as the official squadron emblem on May 30, 1973. (This information was submitted by Joseph Odya and has been verified by Norman E. Davis, VAQ-136 Plankowner Skipper.)



Joseph "Brandy" Odya

Dr. Norman E. Davis, PhD

U.S. Navy




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